Which Premier League sides lack the cojones?

Last weekend, a big fuss was made over Arsenal losing to Watford. Convicted thug, Troy Deeney, went straight to the nearest television studio, in his best court suit, to declare that Arsenal simply did not have the cojones.

7 days on, and Watford let go a 1 goal lead to lose 4-2 to Watford. Deeney, who does not have the fitness to play 90 minutes, was taken off with 10 minutes to go and the scores at 2-2.

Did Deeney stand there in the changing room, lamenting his team mates, telling them how they had let themselves down, their family down, the bumblebee mascot down, and how they did not have the cojones? Probably not. He probably drove straight to Birmingham for a few beers with his mates before stamping on the head of a defenceless student.

Troy found out how quickly the earth spins round. It is easy boasting about how you smash an opponent as soon as you come on the field when you win, but how about all them times you lose Troy?

The weekend showed just how tough the Premier League is. Manchester City apart, every other top team as showed a lack of cojones at some point.

On Saturday, Manchester United lost against the then favourites-to-be-relegated Huddersfield. The Huddersfield players showed a lot more class than Troy Deeney, as none went on TV abusing their opponents. It was Manchester United’s first defeat of the season. But an unexpected one.

There was also tears in Liverpool as the Scourers lost away to Spurs.

It was not just losing, but it was the manor of the defeat. 4-1.

Liverpool remind me of Arsenal, when they lose against a top side, they lose heavily, 4 against Spurs, 5 against Manchester City.

They have also dropped points against Watford, Newcastle and Burnley, and sit 9th in the league. Jurgen Klopp’s crown has slipped with a drifting win percentage. Now under 50% with a worse record than the likes of Brendan Rodgers.

No mention of their players lacking the cojones though.

Then we have Chelsea. The current Champions.

They showed some cojones on Saturday to come back from 2-1 down to beat Watford. But then the weekend before they played Crystal Palace, with 0 goals and 0 points this season. They lost 2-1. Having already lost at home to Manchester City, and that opening day defeat to Burnley, they sit with an identical record to Arsenal.

Do their players lack the cojones? Or does it just show that bar Manchester City, every other side is a little bit average.

We then come to Arsenal, We know about Watford and Stoke, and that defeat to Liverpool. Lots made about the club in crisis, but we are level with Chelsea and ahead of Liverpool. A long way behind Manchester City though – and that is what is important.

Spurs got a good win against Liverpool to go level on points against Manchester United. But it was not too long ago that they were struggling to win at home – draws against Swansea and Burnley. They are in fine form at the minute, yet still they are closer to Arsenal 94 points ahead) then they are to Manchester City (5 points behind).

Very little talk about cojones when they failed to beat Burnley or Swansea.

Manchester City look awesome. But then Leyton Orient would look awesome if they spent over £500m in 3 summers, on top of the billion pounds they spent in the 6 or 7 years previous.

With what they have spent recently, Manchester City should be winning titles every year. There last success in the league was 4 years ago. And they have just a single League Cup since.

None of this justifies Arsenal’s predicament. No title in 12 years is not good enough. Not using your finances to their full capability is not good enough.

We are not giving ourselves the best chance of success. At least if you try, then fail, at least you have tried. In recent transfer windows, we have not tried.

This season, every side will drop points against teams they really should beat. It happens every season. It is why the bookies are rich and the punters poor.

The only side that looks infallible so far is Manchester City. But then we are only 9 games in.

An early prediction, Manchester City will further ahead of second, than second is ahead of 6th. The other 5 sides are all a similar level of averageness – even if the press like to paint one club in crisis and the other as brilliant.

It will be a rollercoaster of a season.



9 thoughts on “Which Premier League sides lack the cojones?

  1. Reg

    This is what happens when you allow internet access on a caravan park. Arsenal beat a Championship level team in Europe then beat a poor Everton team with 10 men, and this pathetic loser still can’t get over being beaten by Watford. Try getting a girlfriend, you might not be so angry….then again you’ll probably just beat her wouldn’t you.



      1. Reg

        Yeah, Elton John reads the insane ramblings of a caravan park blogger. Isn’t it time you knocked one out on You Porn.

        We ended your season in 2016 beating you in the FA Cup
        We ended your Champions League hopes in 2017 (psst Troy Deeney scored in that game as well(
        We exposed your soft underbelly this season.

        Cojones…perhaps you should get yours back from your mum.


  2. GoonerDave

    To be fair, nobody could deny Watford fully deserved their victory and hats off to them for their hard work and opportunism.
    That does not change the fact that Deeney’s words were utterly unprofessional. Not only that, but when a convicted violent criminal wants a second chance, boasting about clattering people for no reason seems disingenuous. Dishonest even. Arguably bringing the game into disrepute, also openly admitting to violence and cheating – he really should have kept his mouth shut and enjoyed Watford’s deserved victory.
    Deeney is not rehabilitated. Only a blinkered fan could excuse what he said.


    1. Reg

      He gave an honest reply to a question he was asked. The overwhelming majority of Gooners agreed with him, some of my closest friends are Gooners and they said Deeney was absolutely right. If you and the caravan park blagger bothered to read up on what happened, he admits he lost his head, his dad had just died and someone was having a pop at his brother…he lost it and he’s apologised and served his time.

      As for not being rehabilitated…this tells a different story…



    2. gunnerbear

      TD was asked a question and instead of sidestepping it, he had the stones to answer it honestly….

      ….and he was and is spot on – we’ve got no balls when it matters….too many times we’ve folded….that’s why our record in the CL is garbage (we’re a laughing stock) and against the other ‘Big Teams’ in the PL we’re seen as target practice because of our record against them.

      Huddersfield beating Man U creates a shock because Man U don’t normally get rolled over by teams like Huddersfield….we get stuffed by teams like Stoke…



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