Spurs fail to sell 50% of tickets for match against London rivals

Just over a month ago, I wrote a blog about how the League Cup highlighted that Spurs were still, and always will be, in Arsenal’s shadow.

It was very basic stuff, about attendances. That Spurs basically did not have the high attendances to justify such a big stadium. That whilst they might get 90,000 turn up for a big game, they have had attendances as low as 20,000 in recent year for smaller games.

The point I was making was that when it came to lesser games, either Premier League, League Cup, or European, Spurs will probably be best off closing their upper tier.

Against Barnsley, just 23,826 turned up to watch at Wembley, highlighting that Spurs do not have the fan base to sell tickets for minor games.

The replies from Spurs fans were predictably laughable.

We then come to this week. A game against West Ham. It is half term. Surely no excuses to sell out, or near sell out?

Or so you would think.

Interestingly, Spurs have failed to release attendance figures for their home time against West Ham, but reports are they are around the 36,000 mark.

Now we all remember the criticism Arsenal drew when “just” 44,064 turned up for this seasons League Cup 3rd round tie with Doncaster Rovers:

So what has been the media response to Spurs having nearly 10,000 fans turn up against another West Ham side?

In reality 36,000 for a midweek third-tier domestic cup competition is pretty sensational going.

The low attendance and the positivity from the media once more shows that Spurs are still in the shadow of Arsenal. That the bar of achievement is a lot lower for them than Arsenal. The level of expectations a lot lower for Spurs than Arsenal.

Spurs, the joke of a club who think progression is a trophy and release DVDs celebrating losing in Europe. They will talk about that night in Madrid for decades to come.

Small silly club.




7 thoughts on “Spurs fail to sell 50% of tickets for match against London rivals

  1. Simon Kill

    Oh look, a laughably transparent effort to elicit a retaliatory response from Spurs fans. One day this blog will be your ticket to fame and fortune mate, probably…


  2. Chris Fitzgerald

    Firstly it’s not our stadium and it’s a c*** to get to and from. Secondly no one cares what you think fella. You’re obsessed. Worry about your own problems and your Thursday night football. #WengerIn


  3. Liam

    I get where you’re come geezer, I really do. The fact of the matter is no one gives a toss about the league cup anymore, this is problem number 1. The next issue is the opponent; oddly I think West Ham hate us more than you lot nowadays (still trying to figure this one out, begging relevance maybe?) so would you want to bring your family near those animals? Basically the entire night/competition is not worth the hassle. Sorry chap, but you’ve read way too much into this.
    On a side note you talk about Newcastle not being remembered, when you look back to this period you’ll see highest premier league attendance EVER…any luck shifting those wall clocks?



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