Chelsea Result, Refereeing Standard, Fabregas v Gibbs & Marcus Alonso

Chelsea Result

2-2 was a fair result.

Both sides had their chances.

Both sides showed why they are so far behind Manchester City.

Personally I was non-pulsed about the result.

Some will say that the draw will mean that if Spurs win tonight, we are cut adrift in the race for the top 4 – 5 points behind Liverpool in 4th and 4 points behind Spurs in 5th, but I honestly do not care about top 4.

I would rather win trophies, then finish top 4 and celebrate the mythical Top 4 trophy.

Previously I have discussed about how opinions changed. From 2006 – 2013, Arsenal were heavily criticised for finishing top 4 but not winning trophies. Now we are criticised for winning trophies and not finishing top 4.

I would happily finish in 6th place if it means more silverware.

As I explained last night to a few people, in 1993, does anyone care that we finished 10th? Was it deemded an unsuccessful season for George Graham, finishing mid table but winning 2 trophies?

No it was not. So why now would it be seen as a failure if we finish 6th and win some silverware.

Ultimately football is about winning trophies.

It is more important to win the League Cup then finish 2nd in the league.

Refereeing Standard

Arsene Wenger has been charged by the FA for daring to criticise the decision of Mike Dean to award a non-existent penalty. It shows how arrogant the FA are that the man who gave an opinion that everyone agrees with is charged, whilst the man who made the mistake gets no punishment.

This season we have had a lot of decisions go against us.

The twitter above estimates that the decisions that have gone against us have cost 15 points. Last night was another game when a non-existent penalty was given, causing us to concede and equaliser.

When you look at Spurs, their offside goals, the dodgy penalties, the players making leg breaking challenges, not being sent off and then not having retrospective action against them, you can’t help but start to believe the conspiracy theories.

It might not be deliberate, but in the subconscious of referees, they see Spurs as the good guys of English football, the saviours, whilst we are the opposite.

I am not a fan of VAR. But as more and more obvious decisions go against us, I being leaning towards it.

It is an undeniable fact that refereeing decisions have cost us points this season. And Wenger is charged for pointing out the poor decisions.

Fabregas v Gibbs

2 days ago, I wrote a blog about how I was booing Kieran Gibbs. Just for a bit of a laugh, and for that blog I got hammered for – which was probably also justifiable.

I also note the lady in question who I was winding up also tweeted. Interesting how quick she went from people infront of me were booing to no one was booing infront of me. Cowardness.

Just to clarify a point, some people decided to pick up on a single point of that blog, that I was saying if you are not from Islington, you are not a real fan. Clearly I was not saying this, and it just shows that there are some people out their with an agenda against me who decided to twist what I was saying to just criticise.

Also interesting was a lad from Australia who said my blog was racist. Odd little blog, probably never been to a game, you are the fan I despise. Why not support a team in Melbourne? A local team. Back them?

Anyway, I digressed a little. Sorry about that.

Yesterday fans cheered and clapped Cesc Fabregas.

So I get criticised for booing a former player, and probably some of them same fans then cheers Fabregas.

Yes, Cesc was a former player, and former captain – and the best young player I have watched – but he turned into a petulant little twat who refused to play for us and decided to go to the Spanish Grand Prix rather than have the decency to turn up to the last game of the season and thank the fans for their support.

He does not deserve our applause. A club with fans with more balls would have booed his every touch. But our newer fan base, the middle class happy clappy post-Euro 96 fans simply have no idea.

If you applauded Fabregas yesterday, you are a bit of a mug.

Marcus Alonso

No amount of goals will make up for the fact that you killed a girl going 70 mph in a 30mph zone whilst drunk.



5 thoughts on “Chelsea Result, Refereeing Standard, Fabregas v Gibbs & Marcus Alonso

  1. footyhead

    Your comment about winning trophy over top 4 is interesting and refreshing. So would you be happy if this season you come 6th but win the Europa League? Actually that confers a Champions League spot. What if you won only Caravan Cup? Would that constitute a good season? In the days before crazy TV money, the answer would certainly have been yes.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      To answer that question, I have another question for you…can you name the last 10 FA Cup / League Cup winners?

      And a second question…Can you name the last 10 clubs to finish 4th?


  2. J. T. A. Phillip-Banigo

    I have observed the Epl as a football arena consisting of three categories of participants; those chasing around and kicking the round object, one on a different attair conspicuously separating him from those who toss the round object and those who are nocturnal but constitute themselves as the moralist players. It is quite absurd and defitely ridiculous that these football moralists contravenes the rules of the game which are held immutable and in the process contradicts their moral standing. A case in point is this rule of locus. But the contravention of retroactive punishment of a player or a manager or both who have vested interest in the process by a group of unseen people who wields arbitrary power and authority is nonetheless treacherous, extorting and immoral.



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