Lads, time to stand up and be counted.

It has been a below average league campaign for The Arsenal so far this season. We are currently set for a 6th place finish, which will be our lowest in 23 years – the infamous 1994/95 season when George graham was sacked for taking cash in brown envelopes, and Nayim scored from the half way line.

Interestingly, up until last season, 1994/95 was the last time that lot up the road finished above us.

The players on the pitch owe us as fans. We have suffered this season. We are the Arsenal Suffragette’s.

We can still get some positives out of the season – a League Cup final to look forward to at the end of the month. A potential fruitful Europa League campaign still ongoing – but it starts tomorrow. It starts with Spurs today.

Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka, you guys are the engine room of Arsenal. Do not stop running, stop Dele Alli and Cristian Erickson. Give the cheats a good kicking. Shkdoran Mustafi, Laurent Koscielny, remember Harry Kane is a myth. He has no pace, he has no skill. Stick an elbow in his already droopy jaw. Remind him that he is a boyhood Arsenal fan.

Mesut Ozil, weave your magic. You now have Henrik Mkyhitaryan next to you, a player on a similar wavelength. Who you will pass the ball too and get it back. Not some dog f****r who will take 9 touches of the ball before losing it.

And Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, which ever one of you starts. Between you, Arsenal have spent £100m on fire power. It is games like tomorrow you were signed for. Show your nasty side. Be clinical.

Remember, Tottenham are rubbish.

One average season does not make up for decades of failure.

No league title in 57 years
No FA Cup in 27 years

They are a team of failures. A club of failures. With a new stadium which is not going to be ready in time, we costs spiralling out of control. Remind them of this. Do not give an inch.

As for the fans, we also need to stand up, make ourselves heard. Do not cower away, do not allow yourselves to be intimidated.

Spurs fans are notorious bullies. They will attack women and children. As soon as a man sticks it on them, they cower behind the police. They are cowards.

Win tomorrow and we then enter the key run of back to back games in the Europa League before another visit to Wembley for another final.

The momentum we gain from tomorrow will see us through February. Will see us to silverware. Will set us up for the rest of the season.

Our first 6 months of the season has been atrocious. This is the business end of the season. It starts now.

Stay safe, but stand up and be counted.

Up The Arsenal.



  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    In this day of high tech analysis, one way to get an advantage is to do a bit of shift around in the team 2/3rds of the way through the season. Let’s face it, up until a few weeks ago, everybody knew how to play against the Arsenal.

    Last Saturday marked a turning point for Arsenal. No Sanchez faffing about trying to figure out whos head to lift the ball over whilst the other lot reinforced their back line. No passing it out wide only to run it straight back into the middle before getting it back out wide again to Sanchez to faff about trying to figure out whos head to flick it over (again).

    I know Everton are shit, but even with us being shit at the back, we destroyed them and Monreal should have destroyed them by at least two more. Everton weren’t expecting that. Direct attacking football wasn’t on the “Arsenal Tactics 2007-2017” video they pinched from the charity shop in Walton..

    If we do the Spuds on Saturday, do city twice in the next fortnight, we are right back up there.

    Come on you Reds.



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