Tottenham Transfers Update

Spurs have still not signed a single player.

Will they make a late signing? Or does this just highlight how skint they are?

My bet is the later and the stadium costs are continuing to spiral out of control.

I would say something like “how the mighty have fallen” but they would have had to have been mighty to begin with.

It is crazy that they promote themselves as such a bit club when the last time they won the league, Burnley were reigning champions!

I am off fishing!


4 thoughts on “Tottenham Transfers Update

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Tottenham finished 23 points off top and trophyless. Clearly there are plenty of players out there better than what you currently have.

      Unless, of course, what you are actually saying is “there are no players within our budget that would improve us” at which point I would agree, and you would then also agree that you are skint


  1. Druid

    good – We hope you fishing is better than your spelling and a hell of a lot better than your guessing. Good luck to Arsenal. Hope you can stay in the top 10.



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