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5 hours from Blackburn all for a 0-0

Following the legends match at the Emirates where I was part of the prawn sandwich brigade, next match was an U21 match away to Coventry City in the Checkatrade Trophy.

This was a good test as it was against Coventry’s first team. We won 3-0 with over 200 Gooners in attendance made it a satisfying evening.

Next stop was a trip to St James’s Park, Newcastle; always a decent place to watch football with the city centre stadium with walking distance of plenty of pubs. For a reason that still makes no sense to me, we were booked on the 6:12am train from Kings Cross meaning that my alarm was set for 3:30am!

What with my other half being away on Saturday night and 10 hours of drinking, this trip was only going one way and it did……

The match was uninspiring but a 2-1 win, but it meant that for the first time in an age, we won two away on the bounce!

Following a heavy head on Sunday, Monday saw me venturing up to Blackburn for an U23 match. There was a bad accident on the M6 which meant diversions and missing the first 13 minutes. On the way home, I counted 18 different sets of road works, therefore arriving home over 5 hours after our departure; the match itself finished 0-0, not a great day all round!

The only thing I took back with me from Blackburn was a stinking cold which was to stop me going to a few youth & academy matches.

Following this seasons Europa League debut with a easy win against Ukrainian side Vorsla Poltava, I saw our U23s thrash Liverpool 4-0 at Borehamwood.

Next up was a 2-0 home win against Everton where the highlight was keeping our first clean sheet of the season followed by a home Carabao Cup versus Brentford, a team we’ve not played in a competitive match since the 1940’s which we won 3-1.

Next up is the last match of a run of 4 home matches against Watford followed by a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. Lots of sun and cheap alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?


The Arsenal and Me – Jenny’s story

These days I can’t imagine my life without The Arsenal.

I have to thank my brother for getting me into football. When I was around 10 or 11 I would always see him watching the EPL highlights show on TV which got me interested.

At the start of 2004 I felt like I needed to choose a team and since I didn’t know much about football, I chose the team at the top of the ladder (and what a season to pick from).

The first time I got to watch a full Arsenal game was the 2005 FA Cup final versus Manchester United. I was so excited I even recorded the game on VHS. My understanding of football wasn’t great back then but I was just happy Arsenal won that day.

The next few years involved checking the scores, reading the match reports and watching the occasional Champions League or FA Cup game (which was the only games you could watch on free to air TV in Australia).

In 2009 I finally got pay TV and I was able to watch my first EPL game. I was so excited.  I’m pretty sure it was when Arsenal beat Blackburn 4-0. And ever since then my love for Arsenal grew stronger.



The first jersey I bought was from the Sunday market. It was a cheap imitation of the 2007/08 one with Fabregas on the back which didn’t even fit me. I didn’t even care that it didn’t fit me I was just excited that I was able to buy my first jersey. However when I was old enough to finally buy Arsenal merchandise online it has been a constant purchases ever since including mugs, stationary, key rings and of course jerseys.

Being an Arsenal fan in Australia has been difficult with the ridiculous time differences. Staying up late to watch EPL games at 2am or getting up early to watch the Champions League at 6:45am sometimes does suck when you have work or uni but you eventually get used to it.

The question that I have gotten the most from friends who don’t like football is:

“I don’t know how you can wake up at 3 or 4am in the morning just to watch a football game”.

I always reply, “Because I love Arsenal”.


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