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Are foreign fans clueless?

Over the years, foreign fans throughout the Premier League have got a raw deal. They have been accused of not being real fans. Not understanding the passion for the game. Not having the same loyalty as English based fans. They have been derided and often, when it comes to a debate via a message board, the common response is ‘Your opinion means nothing as you are not from England.’

Whilst in the past, these points could have been valid, is it still the case that foreign fans of Premier League clubs can still be labeled as clueless, not having loyalty, not being bandwagon jumpers and lacking passion?

When you look at The Arsenal tour of Asia this summer, the atmosphere within the stadiums was incredible. Louder than the Emirates during most of the games. And non-stop. Yes, some argued that those same fans would turn up in their Manchester City shirts if it was Manchester City playing, or their Chelsea shirts if Chelsea were playing, but surely these fans would be in the minority. Surely now, with the globalisation of football, a foreign fan should be considered as an equal to their English counterpart?

These days, a lot of foreign fans have not just jumped on the bandwagon of the Premier League. There are genuine fans out there that have supported us since pre-teens, just like many fans in England would have started their proper support of the club around the age of 10. Is a 22 year old Arsenal fans who has supported Arsenal since 10 any different to an English Arsenal fan that has supported since 10?

Yes, they might not get the passion of the stadium, of the match going fan, but having been in a few bars throughout the world where Arsenal have been playing, they are as passionate as the stadium. To label them as anything as passionless is disgraceful. Would you label the Twelve Pins or The George or the Gunners as passionless on a game day?

I follow two people who highlight the passion of fans not in England. The first is @LordHillWood, a ex-pat living in Poland. The stories he tells of the Polish Arsenal fans shows anything but a lack of passion. The way they get to the pub early to ‘decorate’ it. The chucking out of Spurs fans. It shows real passion. Not just from the ex-pats but also from the Polish born fans. The second is @SSGooner, a Malaysian fan. Again, there is no lack of passion. from him when it comes to game day, with each match brilliantly planned.

I also speak to  few Australian fans. They always seem to be awake when Arsenal are playing. Always watching them game. Even if it is 3am in the morning. How about that for commitment? When you see some English-based fans barely even being able to get out of bed for a 12.45 ko, or ducking out on a European game due to a hard day at work or its a little cold, these foreign fans seem to be able to wake up and watch the games, no matter the consequence of sleep deprivation for the next day.

Then we come to the knowledge of the fans. This is somewhere where the foreign fans and English fan are more then equal. In fact, some would argue tha many foreign fans are more knowledgable, as they actually study the game, whilst the Englishman turns up, watch’s the game drunk, then continues to drink.

Two little stories. One is of a friend who went to Ethiopia on a business trip recently. Upon his cab driver discovering he was an Arsenal fan, he was then lectured for half an hour, by the Ethiopian cabbie, on what Arsene Wenger was doing wrong, how he should be sacked, and questioning why we had not signed anyone. From the sounds of it, he was spot on. Had it been a black cab driver in London, nothing would have been mentioned. It was a clear that there was not a knowledge gap.

The second little story is of a friend at the game. Behind him was two American’s discussing the game. Whilst they did use frustrating American terminology, their knowledge was impeccable. Even as far as talking about how Sagna was only playing at centre back in an emergency, that the young lad at right back was Arsenal through and through, and whilst good going forward, was often found out in defence.

They then went on a 10 minute discussion about the bench. Gnarby. Zelalem. Akpom. Had the been talking in cockney accents, it would have been normal. But in their American accents, it just showed to my friend how football was a truly global game.

With Facebook bringing fans together from around the world to discuss games. Twitter providing instant information. All 38 league games being available online. British newspaper’s being available online throughout the world. Add in podcasts and blogs -this blog gets a lot of readers from Scandanvia, there is plenty of information available throughout the world to educate the foreign fans, to whet there appetite.

Are we now in a time when foreign fans can no longer be labelled clueless, but are in fact the footballing intellectual equals of those from England?


SheWore Exclusive: #NoPintsNoProgrammesNoPies

Anyone who follows Arsenal via Social Media would of come across the brilliant ArsenalFansTV on YouTube. Recently they have come to the publics conscience with ‘The Ranting Arsenal Fan’ calling out the AST and journalists. However, on Tuesday, another fan came to prominence, announcing #NoPintsNoProgrammesNoPies. Today he exclusively writes for shewore.com


Fifty years ago this week, a great man said:

 “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will  not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This week, I, an average fan said:

 “No Pints, No Programmes, No Pies.”

I do admit, mine lacks that profound quality that will see it being quoted in 50 years time.

The reason I open with Martin Luther King, is that there has probably never been a more iconic representation of the power an individual can have when his peers support him.

At times, I think, “I am just an average fan, what difference can I make?”

A different part of me however, looks at the achievements of Martin Luther King, who without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, #hashtags or ArsenalFanTV, was able to make such a huge difference to the world we live in.

It is this ‘Martin Luther King inspired’ part of me, that leads me to believe that though I am just an average fan, I can at least try to make a difference to the fortunes of the club I love so much. After all, it was I that said on ArsenalFanTV on Tuesday night:

 “Not trying, is even worse, than trying & failing”.

With inspiration from 50 years ago and self issued advice from 3 days ago I am going to try and make a difference.


Some of you may have heard this slogan. If you have, I have overcome my first obstacle.

My second obstacle, is attempting to convince you to get on board this campaign and to implement it on Sunday.

This is what I will try and do below.

In the 6 months leading up to November 2012, Arsenal earned £37.8m in match day revenues over the course of 10 home games in this period.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate that as £3.78m per game.

I have assumed an average ticket price of £46 and an average attendance of 60,000. Multiply these two assumptions and we get a total of £2.76m from ticket sales.

  • Total Match Day Income  – £3.78m
  • Less  Ticket Sales   – £2.76m
  • Equals  Other Match Day Income – £1.02m

This £1.02m is within OUR control.

I realise this figure, based on assumptions, could be higher or lower, but the fact remains. We as fans, plough a sizeable chunk of cash, into the club every game. We need to realise, this cash has power attached to it. On Sunday, let’s retain our cash and our power until the club display to us that they deserve us to relinquish our cash and power.

Many of you may have heard the immediate rebuttal to this campaign.

“Catering is outsourced, so No Pints and No Pies wont hurt the club.”

That may be correct, but now I require you to read between the lines here and look at the ultimate objective of this campaign. This is not about pints, programmes or pies. This is about every single one of the products and services that generates an additional £1.02m for the club every single match day.

Us fans have the power to hit the club in the only area that it understands. Financially.

Whether it’s pints, programmes, pies, or whether it’s merchandise, sweets or a Bovril, it all contributes to the £1.02m that we plough into Mr Gazidis’s pockets.

Before you spend any money at the stadium on Sunday, just remember, that £4 pie you’re eating can be purchased every single minute of every single hour of every single day this year by Ivan Gazidis, based on the package he received from the club last year. (He would still be left with £38,600 by the way.)

In other words…that pie you are buying goes towards funding Ivan Gazidis…not towards funding Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, Marouane Fellaini, Julio Cesar, Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria, or any of our other failed transfer targets.

As I come to an end, I want to be clear about one thing.

This campaign is not designed to punish the club, it is designed to stimulate the club. I love this club far too much to want to punish it.

I am shamelessly seeking exposure for this No Pints, No Programmes, No Pies campaign, because I want this club to see this.

I want the club to react.

I want the club to reward the loyal fans with much needed world class players.

I want the club to start displaying some ambition.

Please get on Twitter and Facebook and spread #NoPintsNoProgrammesNoPies

This is a boycott of ALL additional match day expenditure.

If the club takes notice and completes a deal before the match, then by all means implement a new campaign.


But until that happens, let’s keep our cash and let’s keep our power.

I have a dream…please help it become a reality.


Moh’s ArsenalFansTV interview can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq0aSa-WUjo