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The Arsenal and Me – Danny’s Story

My Mum and Dad were born in Bethnal Green and Stoke Newington respectively and moved out of London to nearby Berkshire in the 60’s. I was born in 1971 into Arsenal blood, When i was very young Liverpool were the big team of that decade, I briefly flirted with them mainly because most of my mates followed them but in 1981 that all changed as i visited Highbury for the very first time, I’ll never forget that day. It was sunny and warm and The Arsenal were playing Crystal Palace, I was 10 and sat in the West Upper, I looked down at the packed North Bank and thought i want to be in there in amongst the noisy swaying masses, I spent the whole game looking at the fans and savouring a London Derby atmosphere, I loved everything about Arsenal, The fantastic Highbury Stadium, The famous Red shirts with White sleeves, The Cannon on the chest. I was hooked.

I went as often as i could after that but still being so young i had to rely on my Dad to take me. I started going regularly in about 86/87 with my older brother and brother in law always standing in the same spot on The North Bank, George Graham arrived and that was the start of a successful new era for The Arsenal after a few barren years. Our 87 Littlewood’s cup victory started off the run of trophy laden years. League titles and success in Europe followed, What a fantastic time to be a Gooner it was mocking my spurs supporting mates season after season. Arsene Wenger arrived and Arsenal continued to dominate English football playing the best football ive ever seen and watching players of the calibre of Bergkamp and Henry week in week out was just Footballing heaven.

I’ve had a season ticket since 2006 after being on the waiting list for 10 years and hardly ever miss a home game, My 3 kids are all Arsenal supporters and will keep the Arsenal supporting family tradition going on for years to come. It’s getting massively expensive now but as long as i can afford it i will continue to go week in week out, what the hell would i do at the weekends if i didn’t, Arsenal is a drug i can’t kick.

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