Pre season – it only counts when you want it to

So on Saturday, Arsenal beat Benfica 5-2. To some, it was a good victory and showed us moving forward. To others, it was “just a friendly”.

Roll on 24 hours and Arsenal lost 2-1 to Sevilla and everyone had done a 180.

Those that called it “just a friendly” were suddenly saying stuff like “shows nothing has changed” whilst those celebrating the victory were tweeting “just a friendly”.

Meanwhile, the majority did not care about either result. They saw both games as “just a friendly” and he Emirates Cup as a chance to take their kids.

But then we have the media. Already rolling out the usual “Arsenal in crisis before the season has begun” narrative.

It made me wonder: just how well have every other side done pre-season?

This was correct as per the final whistle yesterday. Some results may have changed. Others stayed the same.

It highlights everyone is having a very average pre season.

Arsenal destroyed sides in Australia, Man U in America. Chelsea beat Arsenal, then lost to Bayern Munich and AC Milan (they also beat Fulham).

Spurs beat Leyton Orient and PSG, before losing to Man City and Roma.

So can you read too much into pre-season? Probably only if you want too.


3 thoughts on “Pre season – it only counts when you want it to

  1. Dammy

    I agree with your point. It’s only pre-season. However Arsenal have played 6 not 7. P6W3D1L2
    He has not fielded his first 11 in any of those matches due to his intention as you say to watch the youngsters closely but also those returning late like Bellerin and Holding. Sanchez and Mustafi should start training today. Chelsea notoriously played their strongest available 11 against Arsenal and it cost them Pedro. AW has seen that Ox is wasted as a LWB, Joe Willock is more mature than his years, El Neny as a CB is one of those break glass in case of emergency things. The scores, and trophies are irrelevant.
    What are your thoughts on Arsenal lifting the Emirates Cup despite Sevilla having the same points and having won more matches?

    1. keenosafc Post author

      I agree with a lot of your points. I see many people complain about our defence in the friendlies and the Niles and Elneny should not be playing CB. By the time we start Leicester, it will be Kos Per Monreal at CB, with Holding and Mustafi on the bench.

      When we beat Benfica, just Xhaka and Kolasinac would start in our strongest XI. Certainly feels we have spread the players evenly across two line ups, rather than have a strong XI, then a weak XI

  2. Charles Charlie Charles

    Does my head in. You can’t read anything into a friendly. Nobody commits to tackles or goes in hard for a 50/50. It’s not a real game of football. The only few I’ve been to have been some testimonials and the Community Shield (which is almost a football match). Nice touch by Wellbeck yesterday deflecting the cross from Ox onto The Cassette.


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