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Moving to the The Emirates – Are we any better off?


Since leaving Highbury in 2006 under the promise of becoming a European Super-club, it seems to me that the height of our expectations is to be also-rans.

Here we are 8 years after our move & what benefits have there been other than false hope?

* We’ve genuinely competed for the title 2 years at most, to come unstuck in the latter part of the season (08 & 14)

* 1x FA Cup win in May

* 1x semi final appearance in the CL

I’d suggest that’s not exactly the record of a ‘Super-Club’

According to reports, we’ve accumulated near on £100m in this period which could be made available for player transfers. Yes we’ve spent a fair bit this summer but are they along with the likes of Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Monreal, Cazorla etc not similar to what we would have bought at Highbury?

There’s not much monetary difference between those players & what we paid for the likes of Pires, Hleb & Overmars in relative terms

Yes I accept that Sanchez & Ozil are the exception to the rule but we also constantly spent what was considered big money at the time on Henry, Reyes & Wiltord for example.

I don’t want to get into the exact names of ‘who we should have bought this summer’ debate as we’ll all have different opinions. I’m also not criticising who we have brought in as there is no doubt that all of them will be an asset to our squad but they are all like for like position wise with what’s left the club.

According to the club website we now have 6 defenders to choose from for a 50+ game season. How long will it be until we hear ‘Mertesacker is jaded’ after he played right until the end of the World Cup?

Here lies the problem, there should have been more than the 5 we brought in. We have a lopsided squad, top heavy with creative midfielders. If you & I can identify the areas as weaknesses, why can’t the Hierarchy at our club? The excuse of no money or players not available just doesn’t wash anymore.

As it stands, the only benefit of our move to Emirates Stadium I can see is amassing a huge figure in the Bank. Of course that isn’t a benefit to the ordinary fan if it’s not being invested in the team or used to reduce ticket prices. Only the Shareholders will see benefits with their stock value increasing on a daily basis.

I’m not sure that’s what I signed up for when we moved from our beloved Highbury.

We’ve seen match tickets hit £100+ per game mark & cheapest season tickets now up to over £1000 per year & they’re only going one way. Thousand’s of loyal fans priced out for what exactly?

I hope The Arsenal win the quadruple this year (as I do every other year) but realistically at this stage we are looking at scraping 4th & hoping for another Cup win.

Should that be where we are after all the promises when we moved?


Written by an Admin from http://www.facebook.com/shewore

19 Reasons why we will beat Besiktas + My Starting 11

This is an updated version of the blog for the 1st leg… https://shewore.com/2014/08/19/10-reasons-why-we-will-beat-besiktas-starting-11/


1)  Our Record in qualifiers is Played 13, Won 12, Drawn 1, Lost 0, Goals For 29, Goals Conceded 3.

2) We beat another Turkish side (Fenerbahce) at this stage last season.

3) Gibbs is out for 2 weeks (2 months in Arsenal time), Koscielny is fit as is Mertesacker, which means the defence picks itself with Chambers likely to be on the bench.

4)  2 of the Arteta/Ramsey/Wilshire midfield trio are out. Arteta is Injured and Ramsey is  Suspended.

5) Sanogo and Diaby are sadly listed as available , luckily all our German World Cup Winners are too.

6) Flamini will be Mr Versatile tonight covering every position on pitch (if needed) including between the sticks.

7)  Their main threat will come from Chelsea reject Demba Ba.

8) Their Champs League record reads.. P 66, W 22, D 12, L 32, GF 64  GS 103. The Arsenal’s.. P 174, W 88, D 39, L 47, GF 279, GS 174.

9) The Arsenal Vs Turkish sides, P 8, W 4, D 4, L 0 GF 12, GS 2

10) Wenger Knows, get a good win tonight and it could be all steam ahead for not only the Champs League for real but also for signing the 3 or 4  players we will need to really challenge this season on all fronts now that Giroud could be out for a long spell.

My Starting 11 – Chesney – Deb, Kos, BFG, Monreal – Flamini, Jack, Ozil – Joel, Ox, Alexis

We’ve got Mezut Mezut Ozil on the wing…on the wing !

Firstly I will admit the starting 11 yesterday Vs Everton looked spot on, it looked fresh, exciting and full of attacking options, sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case. We almost set up like a counter attacking side against a team who have been perfecting this skill over the last year or so under Martinez.

Ozil out wide left does not work, it’s never worked in the past and won’t work in the future. Yes Ozil has played successfully in that role for Germany, but he has the worlds best left back behind him to cover.  Ozil like many a left midfielder Wenger has tried since he sold Pires (too soon) is bloody useless at tracking back, it’s just not his game, he loses his man at key moments and without even bothering to read the gutter press this morning I’m sure he’s blamed for Everton’s first goal.

The left midfield is fast becoming our graveyard position….

Reyes – Never the same after Neville kicked him

Arshavin – A number 10 played out wide where he lost interest and looked lazy

Gervinho – Lost all form once he came to us

Podolski – The most natural finisher we have (had) but like Ozil he can’t defend

Santi – Cuts inside too much, gives us no width

The problem is Wenger seems to like buying small tidy tippy tappy players who are versatile, when what he should be doing is identifying where we are weak and buying players to fit into that position. Round holes and square pegs springs to mind over and over again. There is little or no point buying £30mill plus players then not building a team around them, Ozil needs to play as a number 10, he needs runners around him, he needs no defensive duties in our box and then we will get the best out of him.