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How many Twitter followers does your club have?

In November 2013, I did a little analysis to see who was the most followed football club on twitter. Arsenal came out on top, but what was surprising was that, at the time, Mesut Ozil had more followers than any Premier League football club.

As it is quite at work in my industry with the lead up to Christmas, I have decided to review the blog and update the figures.

To get a proper provisional analysis, the above is a list of teams who were in the Premier League in 2013, and are in it now.

The first interesting analysis is just how much Twitter has grown over the last 4 years. On average, Premier League sides have increased their following by 552%.

Secondly, Manchester United, who in 2013 were the 4th most followed side in the Premier League, are now topping the table.

In 2013, I noted that I was surprised to see Man U in 4th place as they are easily the most supported club in the UK, and one of the most supported in the world. It shows how poor their media team probably were back in 2013.

The growth of Manchester United aside, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool have shown a similar growth pattern.

With regards to Liverpool and Arsenal, it shows how strong and historic the clubs are, that they have been able to continue to grow their support without league titles at a quicker rate than the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea who have won league titles. It shows success is not everything.

Saying that, Spurs now languish a long way behind Manchester City. I wonder how many of those fans that follow City had heard of the club when Twitter was first launched back in 2006?

City’s growth over Spurs does highlight that success is very important, especially when it comes to gaining new fans, and foreign fans.

Spurs have not much bigger a following than Everton, an equally unsuccessful side over the last 20 years. It perhaps shows that Spurs fans claim that there has been a power shift, and that they are a massive club, are false.

In terms of Twitter following, Spurs are the 6th most followed in England. They are probably also the 6th biggest club in the country.

It probably also shows the brand of the Premier League that the biggest growers (bar Manchester United) were smaller clubs, lower down the table. I feel a lot of their followers are general fans of the Premier League, rather than fans of the clubs they follow.

The second table is the clubs who were not in the Premier League in 2013, so I have no original data on them. What is interesting is Leicester City.

At 1.1million followers, they would be placed just behind Newcastle. It would have been interesting to see their 2013 data in comparison. I imagine it would have been not too much higher than Southampton. Leicester’s does show just how much success can increase support.

Like success has boasted Leicester, relegation is also clearly damaging.

Those clubs who went down have still grown their twitter following, but at a slower rate than those who stayed in the Premier League.

The 6 teams who are no longer in the Premier League have increased their Twitter following by, on average, 398%. The bottom 6 teams in the Premier League by followers have increased by 557%.

And finally we come on to how the Premier League sides compare to the rest of the world

The first observation is that Real Madrid have overtaken Barcelona since 2013. Although by the time you include alternative languages for both, Barcelona are still ahead.

One interesting thing to note is the Spanish version of Real Madrid’s twitter is followed by more than the English version, but the English version of Barcelona is followed by more than the Spanish version.

Perhaps this indicates that Real Madrid are more popular in Spain, whilst Barcelona are followed more by foreign fans. I know what I would prefer.

Another interesting thing to note is once you remove the English sides, the rest of the world has only grown by 293%. That against the Premier League’s growth of 522%. It shows that in terms of leagues, the Premier League is still the most popular in the world, even if Barcelona and Real Madrid are streaks ahead in terms of individual club.

The last thing to note is how small Celtic are.

With just 551,000 followers, they are not much bigger than Norwich City, and are well behind the likes of Crystal Palace, WBA and Swansea. They might be a big side in Scotland, but it certainly shows they are a big fish in a small pond. And if they ever did join the Premier League, they would be a very small fish in a big pond.

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5 Strikers Available to Arsenal in January

With over £40million still available to Arsene Wenger for January transfer, we at SheWore speculate in a 4 part series (Striker, Midfield, Defence, Others) on realistic potential transfers that we might make in January. We start this week with 5 possible strikers that could be available to Arsene Wenger for January.

Luis Suarez – Our number 1 striking option for the summer eventually fell through due to a lack of clarification over his transfer release fee. There is a strong possibility that we could return to Liverpool in January. With Daniel Sturridge having scored 6 goals in 5 games, were he to continue that form, Liverpool may well be willing to entertain a big bid, as they would not require to sign a replacement. This one would require Luis Suarez to play up over the next few months, once more making it clear to world football that he wants out of Liverpool.

Robert Lewandowski – Rumours are that over the summer, he and Bayern Munich cam to an agreement that he will sign on a free transfer next summer. Reports are Borussia Dortmund were happy with this deal, as it meant Lewandoski would not leave to Bayern in the same summer as Mario Gotze. However, nothing has yet been signed, leaving the door open to other clubs to make a bid. Dortmund would still prefer to see Lewandowski go abroad. A move in January would generate a fee for the German club, whilst a summer 2014 move would see him go on a free. It would come down to how much Lewandowski wants to go to Bayern Munich.

Rickie Lambert – A deadline day target whom we enquired about once the Demba Ba deal went dead. Could Arsenal go back in for the English striker in January? He would provide short term cover for Olivier Grioud, before we make a bigger signing next summer. A stumbling block would be a transfer fee. He would be a temporary solution, but Southampton would command northwards of £10million. A big fee, but half a dozen goals in the run in to a title chase could prove priceless.

Fernando Llorente – Having joined Juventus on a free transfer in the summer, he seems to be no longer wanted by the club after the signing of Carlos Tevez. He was clearly signed with the idea of leading The Old Lady’s line, but once Carlos Tevez came on the market and was signed, he has found himself starting just 1 of their first 3 games. If his frustration continues, and with it being a world cup year, he could look to get some game time elsewhere in January. Some reading might say “He can not move club again” however, the FIFA rule is:

“Players may be registered for a maximum of three clubs during the period from 1 July until 30 June of the following year. During this period, the player is only eligible to play in Official Matches for two clubs.”

In the 2013/14 season, he has only been registered with, and played for, one club – Juventus. Whether he would leave the bench of Juventus for the bench of Arsenal is another story…

Christian Benteke – Having turned down bids from Tottenham, Aston Villa agreed a new 4 year deal with the Belgium international after the big man withdrew his transfer request. A backtrack like this is only usually seen by David Cameron , an Aston Villa fan. You have to think that the signing of a new deal included a transfer release clause. Were Arsenal to meet this clause, Aston Villa would have little choice but to let their top marksman leave. I would speculate that this clause would be around the £30million mark. A lot of money for someone who is not considered as ‘top draw.’ However, for £30million you are getting a 22 year old who has 23 Premier League goals in a little more then a season. He would not need to settle, and would soon repay that fee if he scored crucial goals in a title run in.

Next week: 5 Midfielders Available for January