Not buying a back up for Giroud could cost The Arsenal….

Firstly congratulations to everyone at The Arsenal who somehow managed to persuade Ozil to join us, what a great great player and one that’s already getting tipped to be the biggest signing since Bergkamp. If he’s half as good as everyones hype we have got one hell of a player on our books now. But my problem is who he’s going to pass to ahead of him to bang in the goals.

It seems very odd that at the start of the transfer window Wenger started off by bidding and in Suarez’s case openly tapping up every available front man in world football, sadly he managed not to net any of them. This has led us to the position where all our eggs are firmly in Giroud’s basket, he is the only proper out and out front man at the club right now.

Giroud has started off the season in great form, banging in the goals, looking fit and covering a lot of ground. His recent work rate is only second to Ramsey and maybe that’s down to him feeling secure that he is the number one forward at the club, but in reality he is the only one. I fear for the worst if anything would happen to him as the back up is non existent.

Wenger has a few choices if anything were to happen to Giroud…

Podolski – Out injured for 12 weeks
Oxlade-Chamberlain – Out injured for 12 weeks
Sanogo – no-where near ready for 1st team action
Bendtner – Unfit to wear an Arsenal shirt
Park – WHO ?

So basically that leaves us Theo Walcott, who I have no problems in seeing him in a more central role. With his pace and ever increasing confidence in front of goal I have no worries that given some chances he can deliver the goods. But with our current injury situation who does that leave to play on the right side of attack? Ramsey, our stand out central midfielder who so far this season and let’s not forget when Wenger played Ramsey down the right he had a few stinkers and was subject to a few stupid boo boys. Not Ramsey’s fault, he is not a wide player, he is a central player.

We are basically screwed if anything happens to Giroud, for the next 12 weeks there is no plan B. Wenger has messed up in not landing an out and out forward and there is no way I can see Giroud playing 2 games a week and keeping up the sharpness and work rate he has so far this season.

So thanks for Ozil but he is just really papering over the cracks of a weak squad and the sad thing is there was still plenty of money left unspent



9 thoughts on “Not buying a back up for Giroud could cost The Arsenal….

  1. Ben

    Ozil can play on the right. As can Cazorla, Gnabry and even Wilshere. Agree, it’s not ideal but hopefully the Club will go back in for Suarez/Rooney in January.

  2. Alex Chung


    I’ve been saying the same thing throughout the xfer window

    Much as Ozil is a world class player, creative midfield was perhaps the last area we needed to strengthen.

    We needed a great GK, 2 defenders, 1 (first choice) defensive midfielder and a striker to rotate/challange/pair with

    Buying Ozil only papers over the cracks. If Gibbs, Kos and Giroud get injured/suspended – we will end up playing 2-8-0 formation

    1. Rob

      No it’s not spot on, fed up to the back teeth with guys like you never satisfied always whinging your not a football manager, forget what your little computer game says. You seem to have no idea how many plusses the signing of Mesut Ozil gives us. For once in your life be happy, what ifs, and maybes belong in the same crap bin as the “in Arsene we rust “crowd, it’s been a long wait but Arsenal are on the move again.

      1. shogun

        I agree with rob lol
        hopefully our injured players will come back ahead of time and giroud stays fit but arsene know what hes doing. Only a big name striker wld have done and realistically there were non abt apart from the ones which wld have been highly political. Arsene must have some faith in bartender in order to keep him as cover plus we do have youth strikers coming up. Remember we score goals from all over the pitch not just through our strikers. Bottom line is wenger is our manager. Hes one of the best in the world and I for one is happy we have him. If u think u cld do better just send in ur cv init.

  3. simpdon

    Cheer up! We don’t just have one of the top three midfields in world football now, we have backups that would be starting for any club outside of the top ten.

    How do you spell false 9?

  4. MK

    I think although we could have done with a striker, we will be alright! and challenge!

    Why ? Well you can play Walcott up top or even why not Ozil the boys got serious skillz that only very few in the premiership have and is about to start peaking and becoming a man.

    I think Wengers indirectly pulled off a masterstroke that will take shape as the season progresses and even he don’t know it yet.

    Sanogo Akpom & Benchner all have a chance lets see who’s got the ball(s).

  5. John

    There is another article like this I have just read where the suggestion is that for the money spent on Ozil, we could have had Higain, Villa and some cheap defender from Ajax. I think that this article misses the point. Ozil brings true skill and impetus to Arsenal. None of the players mentioned could offer the team what Ozil can, and none would inspire the other players like Ozil will. The players mentioned would not attract other top names in the future. Ozil will. He is the best in the world at what he does, according to Mourinho and Gullit. Arsenal players under Wenger are confidence based. They play at their best when feeling confident. Ozil oozes confidence and will infect the others like Henry did. What did we do when Van Pussy was injured? We finished 3rd or 4th. What happened when he wasn’t injured? We finished 3rd or 4th. Wengers style of football dictates goals can come from all midfielders and strikers. Sanogo will get intensive training, so will Akpom. Theo can also play as the main striker. I have a feeling that Theo and Rosy are more likely to get injured than Giroud.
    Ozil to the Arsenal
    Ozil to the Arsenal
    Ozil to the Arsenal
    Ozil to the Arsenal!!

  6. gunray

    While I do think we done well to sign Ozil, I still think we needed the class striker to inject fear as well as cover. Higuain and Ozil would have been a dream come true! Then again we do have the self confessed best striker In the world anyway. Lol..


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