The Alternative Premier League Table

They always say the league table does not lie. They also say that should not believe the league table in the 1st 10 games. Finally, it seems they are saying that if Arsenal are top of the league after the first 10 games, you should not trust their league position until they have been tested. Despite Arsenal having played (and beaten) 2 of the top 4, we have apparently not yet been tested. so in response, I have come up with an Alternative Premier League Table.

The way it works is simple, each side is given a score based on their current league position. Arsenal are worth 20, Crystal Palace worth 1. Now based on the season results so far, the ‘points’ you get for winning a game is the score based on their league position. So Aston Villa got 20 points for beating Arsenal, whilst Arsenal got 1 point for beating Crystal Palace. If the result was a draw, both teams get 1/3 of that score (based on 1 point for a draw being 1/3 of the 3 points for a win).

Now in theory, if a team has played mainly lower league sides, their score will be lower, therefore their league position should be lower. Where as if a team played those sides worth a higher score, their alternative place league place may well be higher. A draw against Liverpool, for example, is worth the same as a victory against all 3 sides in the relegation zone. So how did the Alternative Premier League Table work out:


So what does the Alternative Premier League Table show, if it is to indicate who is in a force position based on their opponents? Well it shows Everton as having had the hardest start, whilst the next 6 have all had very similar starts, in terms of opponents. The main big difference for Arsenal is that our 5 point lead is perhaps a bit bigger that it should be.

Meanwhile, what is clear is that Liverpool have had a very easy start, as they drop 8 places based on the alternative formula. Manchester United also drop further, indicating that they truly are a club in crisis.

Statistics can be made to show anything. What this table certainly shows is that we have not had the ‘easy start’ that many claim, and that it is no easier or harder than other teams currently in the title race.

As a final thought, below is the average league position that the top sides have faced so far:


Make of this what you will.



9 thoughts on “The Alternative Premier League Table

  1. rph

    “Well it shows Everton as having had the hardest start, whilst the next 6 have all had very similar starts”. No it doesn’t. Rewrite as Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are pretty much level at the top with, Tottenham, Southampton and Newcastle at intervals thereafter and, most interestingly, Man Utd in 2th place.

    1. Vince Vega

      RPH SAID: “Rewrite as Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are pretty much level at the top with, Tottenham, Southampton and Newcastle”

      You utter fool! That’s exactly what he said in the article. Everton have had the hardest start because even tho the lead is small, they are still at the top, they have the most points so have played teams higher up the table.
      ” next 6 have all had very similar starts [to each other, and to Everton]” hence why the gap is small.
      It always amuses me when people argue a point but end up saying exactly the same thing as the person they are debating with

      1. rph

        Utter fool? A bit harsh methinks. The article states Everton (0.6 pts above the next team) are on their own while the next 6 are on a par. In fact if you subtract the differences between the top 7 (i..e 6 differences) they are 0.6, 0.3, 0.7, 3.8, 6.3, 2.2, So, actually the top 4 are pretty similar with larger gaps ensuing. My point was that the stats show a top 4 with 5, 6, 7, trailing, not a top 1 and 6 similarly placed clubs following. Maybe I was a bit provocative in my choice of words but I wasn’t wrong in my analysis. And credit to the writer for the work involved – an interesting analysis.

      2. rph

        I decided not to end with: It always amuses me when someone decides to jump in to an argument without actually understanding it.

  2. sam'elson

    This s been the best write-up so far since “Te
    st their credential Cry” started.
    Think this an answer to them Chelski, Spuds, manu, mancity, and our latest victim all we gooners.

  3. Stroller

    The Cann Table is the simplest of the Alternative Tables and is back and working at

    Points Team gd (games in hand)

    25 Arsenal 13
    20 Chelsea 8 Liverpool 7 Tottenham 4
    19 Man City 17 Southampton 7 Everton 4
    17 Man Utd 4
    14 Newcastle -2 Hull -2
    13 West Brom 0
    12 Cardiff -4
    11 Swansea 0 Aston Villa -3
    10 West Ham 0 Fulham -5
    9 Stoke -4
    8 Norwich -14
    4 Sunderland -15
    3 Crystal Palace -15

    MindTheGap 🙂



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