Five Liverpool Myths Exposed

Neutrals want Liverpool to win

The largest, most ludicrous myth around at this moment in time is that neutrals want Liverpool to win the league. This is ridiculous. Firstly, this myth has been mooted by pundits and press men. It has come from the likes of Jamie Carragher, Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp. Brilliant unbiased view point.

The reality is, neutrals do no want Liverpool to win the league. Many have grown up with Liverpool gloating over the last 30 years. Despite having not won the league for 23 years, their gloating is intolerable, and were they to win the league, it would only get worse. Most neutral’s can not wait until that clock ticks over to 25 years, a milestone. The neutrals certainly do not want Liverpool to win the league.

Liverpool doing it the right way

The key reason why Liverpool are ‘the neutrals favourite’ (although we have already debunked this myth) is due to them doing it the right way. They are battling against the evil forces of Russian Oligarch’s and Middle Eastern Oil men.

It seems to have been forgotten by the press however that Liverpool are owned by the Fenway Group, a conglomerate of brokers, bankers, hedge fund managers and media executives. Billionaires in their own right.

In the last accounts, Liverpool lost £50 million. Chelsea lost £49.4 million. Manchester City lost £51.6 million. And lets look at expenditure over the last 5 years:

Man City: £512m
Chelsea: £410m
Liverpool: £270m
Man Utd: £230m
Arsenal: £172m

Whilst they might not have spent as much as Chelsea and City, they have spent more than Arsenal and Man Utd (£100m more than Arsenal). Acting as if they have got where they are based on youth and spending little is a false statement.

So Liverpool are owned by foreign businessmen (same as Man City and Chelsea), make huge losses (same as Man City and Chelsea), yet are considered as ‘doing it the right way.’

Steven Gerrard is great captain and deserves his loyalty rewarded

Steven Gerrard tried to engineer a move to Chelsea
Steven Gerrard ran over a kid
Steven Gerrard was caught on CCTV assaulting a man in a bar

Lets stop the Gerrard love in shall we? He is the Scouse John Terry

Liverpool fans are good sportsmanship

For some reason, the press are presenting Liverpool fans as a brilliant example of sportsmanship. That they represent the English game with aplomb. What parallel universe have I slipped into?

These Liverpool fans got English football banned from Europe for 6 years after their behaviour caused the death of 39 Juventus fans at Heysel.

These Liverpool fans robbed off their own in Istanbul. Stealing tickets, travelling with fake tickets and jibbing through the barriers to see Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final.

These Liverpool fans repeated the trick in 2007 at the Champions League Final in Athens. Selling their own fake tickets for £1,000. Travelling in their masses without tickets causing unsafe over crowding within the police cordon’s and fan zones.

Liverpool fan’s did similar at the Emirates Stadium during the Champions League Quarter Final in 2008. Every club throughout the Premier League will have their own stories of too many Liverpool fans turning up, fake tickets, and the lack of concern many Scousers have for their own fans safety. It seems to a Scouser, it is more important to see a game of football then be an honest, upstanding citizen. Their reckless behaviour is an accident waiting to happen.

And who can forget the Michael Shield’s incident. Whilst Shields has been correctly released from a jail after the murder of a Bulgarian man before a Liverpool away game, there is a murderer out there who was happy with his own mate taking the fall. Happy someone else taking a 10 year sentence for his crime. Happy for a fellow human being to be banged up abroad whilst he sits in Liverpool, probably still going to games, without a care in the world.

These incidents are not the only ones which highlight how poor the Liverpool fans are. Whilst the world mourns those who lost their lives at Hillsborough, Liverpool fans quite happily sing and gloat about the Munich disaster.

When Alan Smith broke his leg in 2006, those kind hearted Liverpool fans threw beer cans at the ambulance, blocked its progress, and attempted to turn it over. Nice men then.

Even last week, whilst Manchester City respectful remembered those who lost their life at Hillsborough, them Scouser’s attacked a coach, bricking the windows. The coach was reported to have had a ‘Justice for the 96’ flag in its window. What respect the Liverpool fans have for their fellow fans.

Liverpool fans are certainly not good sportsmen, they are the shame of English football.

Brendan Rodgers is a genius

Brendan Rodgers is a numpty. Anyone who has watched ‘Being: Liverpool’ will know he certainly is not a genius.

Liverpool have got lucky this year, Brendan Rodgers has got lucky this year. With no European football, and being knocked out of the cups early, he has been able to keep his squad fit, and at peak condition. Fewer games has restricted injuries, and meant that the likes of Sturridge and Sterling have been able to play at the top of the game for the entire season. Let’s see how they perform next year when they have to play twice a week. Just to highlight how few games Liverpool have played further:

Manchester City: 54 games
Arsenal: 52
Chelsea: 52
Tottenham: 51
Manchester United: 50
Everton: 41
Liverpool: 40

Clearly Everton and Liverpool have both benefited massively by playing hardly any games this season.


This is the truth about Liverpool. Do not believe the myths put out by the biased press.



155 thoughts on “Five Liverpool Myths Exposed

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  2. Zolawon

    These are the fans that walk around London chanting,”we’re not English we’re Scouse,and stick your royal family up your arse”.

    Well let them have independence,and stick to a league in Merseyside,they may then win it every year.

  3. JJB

    Liverpool is the city of pity. It’s a city and a football club that revel in playing the victim, and lets be honest they love to wear hillsborough as a badge, ignoring for a moment that htose 96 lives lost affected everyone in football. What is disgusting is the 39 mudered fans who died because of liverpool fans at Heysel, this is not conjecture this is fact! They controbuted to manslaughter, and LFC were responsible for the 5 year ban which badly hit English clubs. Do they talk about this at their annual hillsborough services? NO, because it would highlight the hypocrisy of the city, and the club! They are not the neutrals favorite, after the suarez incidents and how the club shamelessly handled those debacles, neutral fans who may have liked liverpool stopped pretty damn quickly when the rotting nature of the club and fans was laid bare for all to see.

    They have played good football this year, but its been easy for them with no other distractions and no major injuries due to the light load of games when compared to the rest of the top 7. And its a joke, that liverpool are trying to intimate that this has been done on a shoestring!! What a joke! They will win it, but they are not the peoples favorites…..its flash in the pan and will take them another 25years to win it when they have to deal with a full programme next year!

    1. Tom

      Always think it’s tricky bringing up Hillsborough, because those families DO deserve justice. But it has started to become just a bit too frequently mentioned and I think this feeds into the general negativity towards the club. Hillsborough is even a part of their badge now via the flames on either side of the liverbird. There needs to be a time where the fixation on Hillsborough ends and I fear it won’t be even after justice has been sought.

      1. Simon

        Well said mate, couldn’t agree more. A tragedy it was, but every season now for a few weeks before and after the anniversary the entire English game is dominated by it.

  4. Esco

    I’m not even a Liverpool fan and I think parts of this article are crap. A kid running into the side of Gerrard’s car and a bar fight hardly make him the Scouse John Terry. Maybe the Scouse Nicklas Bendtner. As for fewer games being a benefit, that’s pure conjecture. They had fewer games last season when they finished 7th, still a benefit? Quite your whinging and stop throwing stones. I’m no happier that Liverpool is top of the table but I’m not making excuses for it either.

  5. chuck

    wow, one of the most bs article i ever read. eventhough im not liverpool fan, i really want them to win it cuz they play beautiful football and its a joy to watch. a person who wrote this is just sad, miserable, butthurt utd fan. Respect to liverpool from juventus supporter

  6. Ben

    Sadly, this is a poorly argued (and clearly prejudiced) article. Having spotted the headline, I was genuinely intrigued by this article. A little tip for future: If you’re going to argue something, get some quotes to back your points up. Otherwise, you end up looking a little bit foolish.

    1. Tom

      I can tell you didn’t read it properly because the article is riddled with links to prove what’s being said. And not sources like The Sun either; things like the BBC, The Guardian – pretty credible sources, right (though no Liverpool Echo, undoubtedly)? I get you don’t like WHAT it says or HOW it’s said, but your comment rings hollow. Post links disproving everything that’s said in the article; I’d be (genuinely) interested as a matter of discourse.

      1. Bob Wallace

        Is the articles editor saying that Gerrard got up one morning and thought? i’m going to run a kid over. The article has the class of a Chelski fan

      2. Tom

        @Bob I agree it reads like a hatchet job, but it is nonetheless all factual OR AT LEAST very reliably sourced, isn’t it? I mean, he did run a kid over.. he didn’t mean to, but he did. But the rest of that segment we can say that Gerrard DID mean. LFC fans really love to gloss over the fact that Gerrard wanted to leave LFC for Chelsea, for example. We all know beyond a doubt he wanted to leave; he released a statement to that end. And yet he didn’t, and I won’t even waste time with the oft-circulated rumours as to why he didn’t, but LFC fans just treat it like it never happened.

  7. Michael Droy

    too right. The City coach windows smashed by a brick are teh third club I have seen photos for at Anfield.

    Everyone hates Liverpool. Always have. The noise in my chelsea household when Michael Thomas scored the second at Liverpool in 1989 was incredible – we loved it.

    1. Bob Wallace

      Everyone hates Liverpool? really? or is your deep seated bile based on results.
      If you think that windows only ever get smashed at Anfield then you obviously don’t get to many games Michael. Suppose they only show the match on TV

  8. benny

    as a liverpool fan i found this article linked in newsnow and can’t help but feel embarrassed for the decent arsenal fans out there. i normally do not like to comment but felt sick by this piece, especially by the Hillsborough jibe made by some commenters. i have always respected arsenal fc and its fans and i know a lot of liverpool fans who have the same feeling towards arsenal. but often it was not replicated the other way round, especially recently. i have never seen such a bitter and twisted remarks about another club in a lfc blog. having dislike is one thing, but what brings hate to these. its just a game for gods sake. over-generalization a whole group of people, just because of the indiscretions of some mindless idiots(who are very much in the minority btw) and use it as an excuse to hate those people and wishing death upon them. all i can say is i hope you guys do not represent the majority of arsenal fans. in the meantime, you can keep your hate whilst we move forward. still i would rather see arsenal win da thing ahead of city, chelsea or united.

    1. GoonerE

      Believe me mate it’s not the majority of arsenal fans. This article is bollocks and I’m a fkn passionate gooner. I’d rather see you guys win it ahead of city Chelsea and the oh so putrid manure.

  9. Patrick

    All you have done by writing this article (and this comes from an Arsenal fan) is by making Arsenal fans looking like they lack class. Is it any wonder you only have a mere 1700 twitter followers.

  10. Biff

    It really pisses you off that we’re going to win it this year, doesn’t it? Sure its been a long time since we won the league, but I’d like to think if we didn’t win ANYTHING for nine years I wouldn’t end up as butthurt as you obviously are.

    1. Andrew G

      OOPS What happenned there then????…Ah Yeah won fuck all as usual…CTID!!…..YNWFA!! Cheers Stevie!! hahahahahahahahhahaha…Its cunts like you chanting Champions and We are gonna win the league thats the reason few ” neutrals ” wanted Liverpoo to win it…Ur lot are as bad as Manure…No matter…. you had ur usual arse collapse….25 years and counting…..

  11. FG

    Justice for the 96?….ok lets get some. Can all liverpool “fans” who climbed over walls, barged there way past police and forced their way into Hillsborough, please hand yourself in to police. If you think police doctoring paperwork and giving false evidence, killed the 96 then you are more stupid than I thought. Those responsible are more likely to be living next door or drinking in your local. Fact. You say you want justice, I think we all want the truth. Always the victim, never your fault!

  12. Bob Wallace

    I am not sure there is a biased viewpoint from former Liverpool player pundits, the most biased were John Aldridge and Phil Thompson. I cannot be doing with Redknapp and as someone who doesn’t own sky I couldn’t really comment. Lawro definitely isn’t biased, to be honest he has received in the past quite a bit of grief from Liverpool fans. S**ness, from what I read in the Sunday Times he is again unbiased. There are however too many ex Liverpool players on TV so this perhaps big’s up this chaps opinion. Maybe he is pissed off the former Gunners legend Lee Dixon has shown his true colors in being a huge City fan. I think a lot of people like the fact that our starting 11 has 50-60% British players.

    These neutrals he refers to, I imagine this relates to school days when a lot of people darrrrn sarrf jumped on the Liverpool bandwagon. Gloating nah I think singing about our rich history in defense of being unable to win the league. Even as a Liverpool fan that pisses me off. Whilst our history is something to be proud of, it is history not the now.

    Equally I am not familiar with this Liverpool are doing it the right way? When has this ever been said. There has been vitriol between Arsenal and Liverpool ever since they attempted to charge Liverpool fans £65-£93 for a FA CUP 5th round tie. Spurs were charged £65 for the 3rd round and Coventry £25.50 in the 4th round. Liverpool do it right in regards to keeping season tickets and prices low, unlike Arsenal. I am not familiar with this chaps comments (Liverpool do it the right way) we have spent a lot of money and do little, but when it comes to finding little gems Brendan has done well.

    I heard rumors of Gerrard running over a kid and it being covered up, there is no evidence of what happened. Gerrard did want away however I think he knew that if he did go he would never be welcome in the city again. Harsh I know but I don’t think he tried to engineer it. Yeah the attack on bloke in a bar was terrible and really brought him down in my estimates. The Kop sing he’s big and f***in hard, mmm is that why he kicked off on one block in front of all his mates. Equally we don’t know what was said to prompt the attack. But 10 against 1 is the act of a coward regardless of what word were spoken.
    Yeah, papers like the S&n really painted Liverpool fans with a good brush. I think there is still a lot to be said for what happened at Heysel, horrible and shocking but in my opinion Juve fans started the trouble, bricks, stones knifings all before the match. Terrible what happened but the deaths occurred from fans running away not hand to hand combat. Unfortunately these were innocent fans, Juve have to share some blame if not UEFA for using a crumbling stadium using chicken wire for segregation. 2005 I was in Istanbul there was no such incidents at all it was amazing. I agree with Athens that was shocking and shameful, we cannot just blame poor organization not to mention being given 12k tickets the actions of some fans ,made me feel ashamed. Michael Shields, yes a disgrace Graham Sankey was the real offender and one of the most hated men in Liverpool, his despicable actions cannot tarnish the name of all Liverpool fans. This guy obviously didn’t see the appeal from Michael Shields at every game by both club and fans. I cannot remember the last time I heard Liverpool fans sing about Munich, maybe he is getting us mixed up with Leeds fans.

    I was at that Cup yes! It was one of the most posioness atmosphere’s I have ever witnessed , when Risse broke Smiths Leg and Ankle the Kop sang, Jon Arne Risse I wanna know oooh oh oh how you broke that leg. Dark humor but that’s football humor isn’t it? I knew about the ambulance too, shocking behavior but surely not isolated more to do with a high profile game. I also heard about one City coach having windows put through, I was very sad to read that. Obviously not uncommon at footy games but considering the occasion shocking.

      1. Bob Wallace

        No problem Tom. I think you will find that the eternal flames either side of Liverbird are a sign of respect for families of the 96. The entire incident affected both city and fans. Look at how Everton FC and majority of their fans react and respect, they know too well it could have been them had they been drawn to play at Hillsborough and not Villa.
        I have held a season ticket for 27 years and go to a lot of away games especially London as I emigrated from Merseryside 12 years ago. To be honest my mate a Spurs fan directed me to this site, I wasn’t aware of any ill feeling from Arsenal fans towards us. I certainly haven’t experienced any at your place, and have attended all of our games there over past 8 seasons

  13. Vartevar

    What a pile of shit this is. Never seen such a hateful biased article in a while. Sour grapes written all over it. And here I thought I had respect for arsenal fans and the respect was mutual. Guess not. Guess there is always a stupid cunt in each organisations support.

    Gunners I respect how you’ve gone against this deluded blog post. Pretty comical. Sorry you didn’t get Suarez. Cry some more.

    YNWA. COYG minus this twat.

    1. Bob Wallace

      @tom, yep no doubt he wanted to leave and of course plenty of rumours, unqualified accounts if why. I think if you ask Scousers, Not Liverpool fans, Scousers he is commonly known as Stevie Me, never heald in as high regard as Carra.
      Ok re the knocking kid down but the editor using it to damage his reputation, do arsenal fans disregard Tony Adams for being an alchoholic or Seamen for being an adulterer? No? Anyway I’ve a match to be heading to and early train with a load of Chelsea rent boys.

      1. Tom

        Agree totally Bob, I did think the running a kid over thing was a bit unnecessary. Sad to see your result today against the rent boys (even if I personally find a City title win more soluble! no offense)

      2. Andrew G

        Well that went well Bob!!….Have u picked Gerrard up off his arse yet?…Steve Gerrard Gerrard…He slipped on his fucking arse he gave it to Demba ba…etc etc etc CTID!

  14. Tony Long

    Of these 5 points: 1. He can only speak for himself and people who he knows that feel the same way as he does: He is clearly full of hatred and not a neutral. 2. If they are winning the league then it’s the right way. They have spent less than Chelsea and City, and the reason Man Utd and Arsenal haven’t spent is because of the Glazers and their well documented financial problems in the USA, and Wenger’s frugality and reluctance in the transfer market. 3. Irrelevant. Gerrard stood trial and was cleared. As for the child being run over, that was dealt with by Gerrard and again, is irrelevant to Liverpool or football. 4. This prick needs to read a lot more about Heysel. I was there. I was in a car with my old man and our window was broken and we were sprayed with CS gas by so called ‘Ultras’. At the time Liverpool were the only English Club in Europe as only the champions entered the European Cup back then. There have always been arseholes who fight at football matches and travel just for that (West Ham’s inter City form for one). We saw people wearing chelsea and West Ham colours beneath their red scarves. They were English idiot cuckoos who went along pretending to be proper football fans as they would not pass up the chance to have a pop at the continental fans. Also, as Oliver Kay pointed out in this article (…/what-about-justice-for…/) the Belgian authorities did not check tickets and just waved people into the stadium. Ours were certainly not checked. Nobody stole anybody’s tickets in Istanbul, that is a blatant lie. There was also a story of rioting and ticket stealing in Athens v AC Milan. I was there along with my brothers.. Not only did we see no riots, but the reported overcrowding was a lie as well as we had 2 seats each, which we stood up on for the whole game.Total bullshit all of these claims. It’s easy for armchair supporters like this Arsenal tit to rely on hearsay and lies for his blog and to promulgate such bollocks but unless you were actually there you know fuck all! Michaels Shields? Irrelevant. You might as well say all Londoners are killers and horrible people because of Jack the Ripper! 5. Who said Rodgers was a genius? I think the guy has made this one up himself. Rodgers has had just over a season in charge. Liverpool are top of the league, that’s it. He’s a young manager and makes no claims of genius. Anybody who relies on the blogs of biased people rather than researching something themselves is a prick. We can all be ‘keyboard warriors’ and hide behind the safety of the internet when mud slinging like this arse-nal fan, but that’s the coward’s way. If you have something to say about people look them in the eye and do it, or you’re chicken shit. Hey did you know that Arsenal haven’t even won the European Cup? Chelsea are the big club in London now

  15. Smell The Glove

    Nice to hear Liverpool respecting other disasters like the Bradford Fire at the weekend by not even acknowledging it….touch of class as usual from self pity city

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  17. Sideshowbob

    9 minutes in. Liverpool fan telling the reporter that fake tickets were being used to gain entry by liverpool fans and this was also to another liverpool fan who had used a fake ticket. Another fan telling the reporter that 10,000 charged the gates of course according to the ‘TRUTH’ enquiry none of this had any impact on the outcome…

  18. mack green

    Seem to remember scousers climbing through the windows at wembley for that all scouse FA cup final in 89.absolutely disgraceful.


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