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10 reasons why we will beat Napoli and starting XI

1.. It was a fine away win against Marseille to open up this years Champions League, a home win tonight should put us a win and a draw away from the next round.

2.. Whilst you can’t really complain against any of our back 5, it has still been 4 games since a clean sheet.. Napoli are not much better in the clean sheet stakes with 3 out of their 7 games this season.

3.. Flamini will love tonight, this is his kind of game and the way he has settled in the middle Wenger would be very foolish not to play him tonight.

4.. Ozil, We are still yet to see the very best of him. He had a great home debut and tonight he has another chance to live up to his high transfer fee.

5.. Rosicky is fit, god knows how long he will last this time but it Is great timing. I can see him playing attacking left and Jack making way for him in the starting XI.

6.. Ramsey, what more can be said than I haven’t already in the last few weeks that with Rosicky back and a more balanced side he could and should run riot down the middle, again.

7.. Gnabry, I was so happy to see him not only have a great game at Swansea but also to score. He looked so dejected after the penalty miss Vs WBA and that game will do his confidence the power of good. Amazing to think he only turned 18 this July.

8.. Who needs Higuain when we got Giroud.

9.. Napoli got off to a flyer when we played them in the Em Cup in the summer but they will be more cautious in a meaningful game. I fully expect them to try and hit us on the break and with Flamini’s knowledge of the Italian game he will be well used to their tactics.

10… Today is 17 years to the day a certain Mr Wenger arrived at our club. He knows how to win a group home game in the Champions League and I’m sure the players will be right behind him tonight.

Likely Starting XI – Chesney, Sagna, Kos, Per, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ozil, Gnarby, Giroud

10 Reasons why we will beat Stoke + Starting XI

1.. A great away performance at Marseille has boosted the confidence of the squad. There’s even a bit of papertalk about us challenging for trophies now.

2.. We have all our defenders fit, for the first time since 1987, expect to see Jenks, Moneral and Vermaelen on the bench. Wenger will stick to the back 4 who started in France mid-week

3.. Gibbs, I love this fella. He has had more than his fair share of silly niggling injuries over the last few years, but right now he is running himself into the ground, covering the left side of the pitch practically unaided at times. He has everything needed to be a world class left back, just need the fitness now.

4.. Arteta is reported to be back in contention, like Vermaelen he will start on the bench, but he does offer the option to cover in a number of midfield roles. Diaby is also expected back, around December 2017

5.. Ramsey, what a start to the season, what a goal midweek and now facing the player (cnut) who not only screwed his leg but also his mind for a few seasons. Thank Dennis that he is over the injury and is looking his strongest physically and mentally for us. He of course will have some apprehensions facing Stoke, but with everyone fully behind him he will hopefully teach them a lesson Sunday.

6.. Ozil, already showing strong signs to why he is rated as the assist king of world football. He will be looking forward to finally playing in Islington and making the right 1st impression on home soil.

7.. Stoke have changed under Mark Hughes, but you can’t polish a turd. They have had wins against West Ham and Palace by the odd goal and a draw away to Man City, but have only scored 3 goals in 4 League games. Fingers crossed they will come wanting to play Football instead of Rugby, if they do we will roll them over.

8.. Giroud, I worry about him, until we get Podolski back he is our only real Central attacking option and Stoke will be looking to kick him at every given opportunity. I know he wont react but the fear is an injury. I do expect him to lead the line and scare Stoke on occasions as he continues his great start to the season.

9.. The Villa game aside we are currently on a great run and I’m looking at the small amount of fit players at the moment as an advantage. They are playing regularly with each other, not there there is much choice, but the familiarity seems to be doing us some favour’s right now.

10.. Wenger knows, If we are to do anything in the league this season these are the types of games we have to get 3 points out of.

Likely starting X1 – Chesney, Sagna, Kos, Per, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Giroud, Theoooo